Chapter 9: Playa Del Surf Revisited

Speeding along the highway about an hour out of Playa, Riff spotted an unusual hitchhiker on the side of the road, thumbing a ride. Unusual, because the hitchhiker was holding a large sign which read HEY BEACHBRO. Riff was driving too fast to pull over at that moment. Instead, he took the next exit to turn around. This time he slowly approached the hitchhiker, whose sign now read: WHERE DID YOU GO?

Intrigued, Riff rolled down his window. As he began to speak to the hitchhiker, Riff realized she was an elaborate hologram. At first, she didn’t verbally respond to his questions; instead, she simply stared at the surfboard atop the Woody. Then, suddenly, her head lifted several inches off from her neck, separating from her body. The head floated horizontally into Riff’s ride. “Greetings, BeachBro,” spoke the head as it rested on the passenger seat, looking up for a response.

“Yes?” Riff responded.

“You are in a lot of trouble,” spoke the hologram head. “I represent the Ministry. We understand you are looking for Bubblegum. We can lead you to her, but, again, you are in trouble…”

‘Uh-oh,’ thought Riff. “Where’s Bubblegum?” he asked the head.

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