Chapter 4: Province Downerz

A hologram on the roadside featured a large hash mark crisscrossing a portrait of the band Yeeemhh. The title read:


Years earlier, Yeeemhh gained infamy by producing some of the most tedious, non-rocking, experimental music the nation had ever heard. “A hybrid of chordless fetterings and fatigue,” later wrote one critic. For some odd reason, for a few years, the band had significant airplay and substantial record sales in Rocklantia, despite its perceived awfulness. The band’s popularity later waned and eventually collapsed. When a consensus was reached that Yeeemhhusic was unlistenable, the band disappeared. With time, the name “Yeeemhh” became an insult among Rocklantians.

Capitalizing on the public backlash against Yeeemhh’s awful sound, the Ministry of Song initiated a nationwide public-relations campaign to require government approval for all music compositions.

Yeeemhh’s records were permanently banned and ceremoniously burned. A Yeeemhh album in good condition now sold for quite a bit on the black market; just as a novelty, mind you: no one would dare admit to listening to it.

11 thoughts on “Chapter 4: Province Downerz”

  1. Hahaha Captain Cutaneum made a cameo? What a cool book. I wonder what Province Captain Cutaneum is from. Maybe an alternate comic book universe? I’d like to believe that he’s from the Hair Metal land, but maybe that’s because I like Hair Metal 😛

    1. “I like it… there’s something here… I guess it just makes me smile,” replied Bubblegum.

      she’s quoting ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’:

      And I forget just why I taste
      Oh yeah, I guess it makes me smile
      I found it hard, it was hard to find
      Oh well, whatever, nevermind

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