Chapter 3: Britshire

Riff remained perplexed about this road trip. “Are we the only ones looking for Jupiter’s guitar, or is this like a group thing?”

Bubblegum wasn’t sure how to answer. “Let’s say… it’s just us,” she said slowly and unconvincingly. “I’m sure plenty have looked for it, though,” she added. “If it still exists, it’s probably not easy to find.”

“Have you looked for it before?” Riff asked.

“Um… let’s say no.”


“Does this have something to do with the inauguration?” he asked.

“No. Well… no. No, we’re not trying to find it because of the inauguration.”

After driving through an expansive array of strawberry farms, they entered Britshire, a province featuring evergreen forests, large rivers, rolling hills, and diatomite cliffs. The sky was hazy-blue on this particular afternoon.

With numerous cities and towns ranging from Mopptoppia to Punktown to NuvoBlooz to Skiffle Heights, Britshire was one of the more populous provinces of Rocklantia. While Brits lived in all parts of the country, influencing all sub-genres of rock, this province had a sound and a culture that was uniquely and exclusively Brit.

Britshire’s capital, Londinium, featured iconic castles, prominent bridges, and an enormous clock tower. Large, slow, double-decker buses were sharply contrasted by numerous, squarish, speedy, miniature cars zipping through the city’s narrow streets. A bright-yellow, flowered, luxury phantomobile could be seen cruising these streets on some afternoons.

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