Chapter 2: Poprock Gardens

Rockers tended be better received when venturing into pop regions than the popsters who traveled into Rocklantia. Such was the snobbery in the Land of Rock.

Song hits in Popterra sold bigger than hits in other countries. Popterran acts didn’t tend to last long, though: pop careers burned brighter and shorter than elsewhere. It wasn’t uncommon for a one-hit-wonder-Popterran performer to have a number-one hit as a youth, only to later become a firefighter or some other profession. The Popterran fanbase was continuously seeking out the next exciting, youthful performer; there simply wasn’t room enough for yesterday’s pop stars.

As the province of Poprock Gardens was located adjacent to Popterra, a similar yet less-dramatic dynamic existed here also.
Bubblegum had migrated from Popterra earlier that year. Formerly a bright student at U. Popular Tech, she was considering enrollment at one of several prestigious academic institutions in Rocklantia. With her pink hair, bright-trendy-youthful clothing, and nuclear-glow boots, she chose to begin her new Rocklantian life here in Poprock, where a Popterran transplant wouldn’t stand out too dramatically.

Bubblegum and her bandmates had just wrapped up a rehearsal session; they were a new band and hadn’t played any serious gigs yet. They were outside their 59th Street studio, saying goodbye as the Woody came over a bridge and pulled up to the sidewalk.

“Riff!” shouted Bubblegum. She gave him a big kiss. “Hey, Guys; come meet Riff…” she called to her bandmates.

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    1. Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys said he first heard this song on his car radio: he was so blown away he had to pull the car off to the side of the road. Spector’s wall of sound became the order of the day for many subsequent Beach Boys numbers.

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