Chapter 11: Ramblinton

Led by the Technicat’s glammed eyewear, Riff drove through the blue-pastoral landscapes of Pickngrin, up Highway 41 to Province Countrierock, which featured the municipalities of Ramblinton, Burdfree, and Hickory Stump. As this province bordered the nation of Countrie-Westernum, it featured a lot of cowboy-outlaw-rocker crossover. The country folks who wanted to rock as well as the rockers who wanted to countrify were here. The hair was typically longer here than on the CW side of the border. Jupiter’s guitar came from this region; perhaps it was here.

The Woody slowly wove through Ramblinton’s heroic honky-tonk district, amid the traffic of pickup trucks, monster trucks, and an occasional hazard-orange muscle car. A sneaky pedal steel guitar was knocking out a distorted solo in one of the clubs.

The eyewear indicated Bubblegum would be at the intersection. Riff didn’t see her. After waiting for a moment, he parked the Woody, got out and stood on the corner. Nope. He waited for a few minutes, leaning up against a lamppost.

Suddenly, Bubblegum cruised by, driving a flatbed pickup. “Riff!” she shouted, slowing down to verify he was Riff. “Stay where you are! I’ll come back here to you.”

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