Chapter 10: Synthtecnica

Synthtecnica was the technology hub of Rocklantia. Clean, shiny, automated, modern: this place had a land-of-tomorrow vibe that attracted engineers, architects, and technicians from around the world. Its modern cityscape was hailed as one of the crowning achievements of the nation. The streetlights and traffic lights emitted luminescence not seen anywhere else. The sounds here included phaser beeps, robotic tones, whirrs, and assorted sci-fi effects.

Everything from wisp technology to jetpacks was designed here. Of course, in a rock ’n’ roll paradise such as Rocklantia, much of the brain power generated in this high-tech community was directed at music awesomeness. Instrumentation, amplification, recording, effects, mixing, noise control, compressing, emitting… rock was indebted to technology.

Though the electric guitar was globally hailed as the “it” instrument of rock ‘n’ roll, in Synthtecnica, the synthetic tones of 1’s and 0’s were preferred to the analog sound waves of vibrating guitar strings. Unfortunately, this led many Rocklantians to perceive the sounds of Synthtecnica to be too popster, which was a source of angst among Synthtecnicans. Also, the left-brained nature of its citizenry was a liability to some; “Geektown” was a slur sometimes heard in reference to this hi-tech city.

The awkward hologram helped guide Riff to Synthtecnica, negotiating the highways in such a way as to avoid Ministry checkpoints. The surfmobile arrived safely at the designated Synthtecnican house.

Riff rang the doorbell. Five young spud-types wearing sci-fi T-shirts appeared in the doorway to greet him. Each donned a plastic power-dome helmet with feline ears.

“Welcome,” said one.

“Step right in,” said another.

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